May 18, 2020, 4:23 PM
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Al-Shimmari calls for expulsion of last occupying force from Iraq

May 18, 2020, 4:23 PM
News ID: 83792081
Al-Shimmari calls for expulsion of last occupying force from Iraq

Tehran, May 18, IRNA – Deputy secretary-general of the Iraqi al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement Engineer Nasr al-Shimmari on Monday pointed to the resurrection of the extinct cores of the ISIS as an American plot, noting that the terrorist group will be destroyed upon the expulsion of the last occupying force from Iraq.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, he called the new Iraqi government formed by Mustafa al-Kazemi responsible for the execution of the parliament’s enactment on ousting occupiers, otherwise, he warned, for the enforcement of this law, the Resistance will take an action before the Iraqi nation.

Mentioning and appreciating the supports of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the Iraqi nation in the toughest conditions, he pointed out, “The positions are embedded in the conscience of most Iraqi citizens and some traitors cannot change it.”

The full text of the interview is as follows:

Concerning the selection of Mustafa al-Kazemi as the new prime minister of Iraq, in your view, what are his working priorities in the current situation?

In order to earn the parliament, Mr. al-Kazemi presented a program, however, we believe that the first priority of a free country should be maintaining its unity, sovereignty, national security and providing the nation with what is required for a good life; and any other thing is said is nothing but sloganeering.

With regard to passing the enactment on the expulsion of American forces by the Iraqi parliament, in your eye, what should the new Iraqi government do for the execution of this enactment? And what should the parliament do in this regard?

The law passed by the Iraqi government on putting an end to the activities of the international coalition- what formed for fighting the ISIS due to their claim- together with the expulsion of other foreign forces from Iraq is a law that the present and next governments should be committed to. The present government should endeavour to the enforce this law and announce a clear and immediate time-schedule for the expulsion of the occupying forces; otherwise, it is supposed to once again return the issue to the parliament and the Iraqi nation, besides, it should explicitly maintain that American forces haven’t approved of the enactment of the Iraqi parliament, and in this case, according to the law, the presence of these forces in Iraq will be illegal, and this opens the path for standing against this forces by the Iraqi nation who want them to leave the country, and in such a situation, Resistance groups will pioneer the people.

How does al-Nujaba see the new Iraqi prime minister and cabinet?

We have no specific opinion about the titles and people, and our position towards Mr.’s al-Kazemi’s government and the ones before and after it is based on their performance in serving the Iraqi oppressed nation, fighting terrorist groups, maintaining the security of the nation, its sovereignty independence and refuting the orders dictated by foreign countries. Therefore, once the performance of a government is desirable or excellent, we will back it; yet, once it acts poorly or ponderously, it will be criticized by us; as al-Nujaba Movement is an original part of the Iraqi nation who is involved in no political process or attempt for earning governmental shares.

In recent weeks, the extinct cores of the ISIS have been resurrected in Iraq and carried out some attacks against the positions of the IPMF. In your opinion, what is the cause of it and what is the part of Americans and those against the Resistance Axis?

Prior to the creation of tensions by the extinct cores of the ISIS, the US implicitly warned that this terrorist group has recovered its military power. Thereby, it is evident that the recent attacks of this group have been conducted with the supports and arrangements of the US so that, using such intimidations and pressures, it can change the position of Iraqi actors that the security conditions of Iraq are fragile and that returning security to Iraq needs the presence of the American forces. Nonetheless, the reality is something else and the next days show it; consequently, this terrorist group will be destroyed upon the expulsion of the last occupying force from Iraq.

With regard to the fall of the oil price and the high dependence of the Iraqi economy on the incomes of oil sales, what fields should make the economic priorities of al-Kazemi’s government in your opinion?

The primary priority of the state’s economy should be the reliance on alternative activities such as agriculture, lowering government’s expenses, attention to small industries, preparation of large industries and avoidance of entering the dark cave of borrowing from the World Bank, the cause of many countries’ destruction.

What are the challenges before al-Kazemi’s government from your point of view?

The most perilous challenge before al-Kazemi’s government is the economic one in the shadow of oil price’s fall and coronavirus pandemic; as more than 90 percent of our country’s economy is dependent on oil. The second is the establishment of security despite the insistence and stubbornness of the US, Zionists’ airstrikes and the US attempts for the resurrection of the terrorist cores; furthermore, the demonstrations cancelled by the coronavirus pandemic, the ones crying the right demands of the Iraqi nation, can be another challenge before the new government.

In the current conditions whereby the new government in Iraq has taken office, what are the ways of fostering Tehran-Baghdad relations?

Baghdad and Tehran have some historical, specific and significant ties; a border of about 1300 km between Iran and Iraq, the same belief, sacred issues and several commercial and tourist exchanges have established strong links between these two countries.

Moreover, another thing that can be mentioned is the lasting positions of the IRI and its wise leader on backing Iraq in the toughest condition, when all, especially the US, left Iraq alone to determine its destiny in the face of the most dangerous and biggest terrorist attack in the contemporary era by itself.

Such positions are embedded in the conscience of many children of Iraq and some traitors can’t change it.

Iraq and Iran share a future because of their geographical locations and there is no way before these two nations except living together based on brotherhood, neighbourhood and shared interests- and these two nations have the highest number of shared issues in the world.

This can be fulfilled through building up the trust of two parties and the injection of cognizance into them so that they give no chance to their enemies for any abuse.


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