JCPOA hostage of Europe's inability, US' bullying: Ex-envoy

Tehran, Oct 26, IRNA - Iran's former Ambassador to London Jalal Sadatian said on Thursday that Europe and the US have taken the JCPOA hostage which has roots in their hostility and inability noting that Iran has fulfilled its obligations under IAEA reports and is currently fulfilling most of its obligations.

Jalal Sadatian, in an interview with IRNA on Thursday, referred to France and Japan's efforts for opening of a $ 18.4 billion credit line aimed at maintaining the nuclear deal, saying after the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, despite explicit violations of agreement had been done by a key member of the agreement, Iran had fully fulfilled its commitments for a year.

During this time, the Europeans promised not only to fulfill their obligations under the terms of the JCPOA but also to compensate for the losses of the US' departure from the JCPOA, but in the meantime, what we have seen has been the failure of the other signatories to fulfill their obligations, either it was because of their inability or their lack of will, he said. 

The foreign policy analyst said that Iran has taken the approach of maximum resistance in the face of the US maximum pressure campaign, and underscored that taking the maximum resistance approach and using all capacities has imposed some pressure on Iran but it has led to the United States' failure to pursue its policy against Iran because during this time, Iran has sold both its oil, petroleum products, and petrochemicals while earning revenues from its sale.

Both the US and Europe are well aware that the policy of zeroing Iran's oil sales has not yield and Trump's plan has failed, Sadatian went on to say that Trump sees himself as a loser in the face of Iranian resistance and this has made him to strive for meeting with Iran in order to reach a new agreement. As at the UN General Assembly, Trump did everything he could to meet the Iranian president.

Former Iranian ambassador to Britain, also stressed that Iran's resistance in the face of unprecedented US pressure has boosted Tehran's stance in the international arena.

This policy has led the UAE to leave Yemen and seek to repair Abu Dhabi's relationship with Tehran and Mohammed bin Salman, who used to take harsh stances against Iran every day, now sends a message to Iran through the prime ministers of Pakistan and Iraq, calling for talks with Tehran and resolving the issues.

Sadatian said Iran welcomes all plans to reduce tensions and turn to diplomacy and dialogue and stated that although he sees the plans of France and Japan as positive, the question now is why these countries are stepping back against US' bullying and unilateralism? And why aren't these countries exerting pressure on the US as the violator of the JCPOA urging it come back to fulfill its obligations?

Iran has not reduced its commitments to receive a few million dollars if they want to submit such plans and touched on that the reduction of Iran's commitments on the basis of the JCPOA was in accordance with the spirit and text of the JCPOA, because the balance between the duties and the rights of Iran did not exist and Iran was implementing the agreement unilaterally.

It is Europe and the United States that have taken the JACPOA hostage, not Iran, which has fulfilled all its obligations under numerous IAEA reports and is now fulfilling most of its obligations, the international affairs expert highlighted.

The former Director-General of the foreign ministry reiterated that now Iran is saying that it is ready to fully fulfill its obligations under the nuclear agreement, provided that the other party to do the same. 

Sadatian noted that such plans had already been put forward by France and Japan but had been vetoed by the United States and stated that shuttle diplomacy had already taken place. Both Shinzo Abe and Macron's senior adviser had come to Tehran. Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif traveled to Japan and France on several occasions. If these plans were to be carried out, they should have been implemented before. They are not executed for Iran's sake, but they are waiting for permission from the US instead of fulfilling their obligations.

"I don't think the plan will be implemented, because they also tied the implementation of their commitments to the White House, and the US will not allow France and Japan", he continued. Iran has not closed the door of diplomacy, but it will not accept bullying and surrender to the avarice of the United States and anyone else.


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