Azerbaijan embraces biomedicine to present itself in Iran's regional countries' health tourism event

Tehran, Oct 10, IRNA - One of the rising trends in the global medical ecosystem is the use of biological medicine, that is, day by day, more physicians are distancing themselves from chemical pharmas as Iran's 4th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries provided a good platform for an Azerbaijani clinic to introduce itself. 

Not everyone is into the use of chemical pharmaceuticals to treat patients. Those who are innovating in cure are also looking for their own share of rising demand for non-chemical treatment. 

Gudrat Yagubov, branch director of Bioloji Tebabet, Clinic of Bioregulatory System Medicine in Azerbaijan Republic, says their treatment is much more effective because “they don’t harm patients at all".   

“In biological medicine, the treatment is aimed at eliminating the disease through the stimulation of detoxification processes and recovering the disorders in the biological system of the organism. Encouraging the natural processes of healing and individual approach to the treatment of the patient - this is the main distinguishing feature of biological medicine," reads an explanatory note on the clinic’s website. 

“200 specialized doctors work at our clinics across Azerbaijan. We are expanding our market and Iran is a perfect place for medical cooperation and joint investment,” Yagubov told IRNA during the event. 

Yagubov added that his clinic is looking forward to any cooperation and joint investment with Iranian "hospitals and medical tourism agencies". 

Biological Medicine is the science, practice, and art of healing that is a fundamental form of medicine, applicable to each human body, regardless of the illness. Biomedicine has a simple objective: identify the source of disorders, imbalances, and weaknesses in the human regulatory system and heal the whole body.

Biological Medicine is not a new age philosophy, but one that has been used and refined for thousands of years by some of history’s greatest medical masters. Its very foundation is based on physiology and the body’s processes down to the cellular level. However, as times have changed and technology advances, so does the healing modalities of biological medicine and the healing effects technology can have on the human body.

Tehran’s Homa Hotel played host to the fourth International Health Congress of Islamic Countries that saw the participation of important regional states and one European country; Serbia. 

Afghanistan, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Azerbaijan Republic, Oman, Russia, and Serbia sent their high representatives to participate in an event that was meant to create a networking platform for big medical centers to connect with each other and expand their market. 


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