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Yemen, a quagmire for every invading force: Ex-ambassador

Qom, Oct 7, IRNA - Former Iranian ambassador to Yemen emphasized that Yemen is a quagmire of any invading force, and noted that all countries that have attempted to invade Yemen over the past centuries have failed to succeed and ultimately have had to leave the country.

Addressing a Conference on Yemeni Developments and its Impact on Regional Relations at the Mofid University of Qom, Asghar Qureishi referred to attack on Aramco oil facilities by Yemeni Army and Ansarullah.

He said that heavy blows and the retreat of the officials of Saudi regime and its readiness to negotiate and express a willingness to negotiate with Iran showed that Yemen has undermined Saudi Arabia’s power.

He went on to say that assuming a truce in Yemen, because of the sharp internal divisions, Saudi Arabia's rejection of Ansarullah's rule and developments in the southern parts of the country indicate that the war will not simply end.

Former Iranian ambassador to Yemen reiterated that with the formation of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Saudi Arabia was concerned about the expansion of republicanism in the region and the occurrence of revolution in the Saudi, so House of Saud had no option just to spread Wahhabi thoughts in Yemen at a very heavy cost and establish various religious schools.

When Mansour Hadi fled south, Ansarullah moved south and took Aden for a while, causing the United States to worry about the power of Ansarullah in Yemen because of the importance of Bab al-Mandeb and the Red Sea, the former diplomat went on to say.

He said Bob al-Mandeb is one of the few important straits in the world and highlighted that more than five million barrels of oil pass through the Bab al-Mandeb Strait every day, which has made it a very important geographical location and the focus of various powers.

Qureishi described the situation in Yemen as very disturbing and made the remark that the UAE and Saudi Arabia have different goals for the war in Yemen and this has led to a sharp increase in the disagreement between the two countries over the years.

Former Iranian ambassador to Yemen, saying that the UAE is seeking to control Aden, reiterated that Aden has the potential to become a competitor for Dubai, and the UAE is following the issue as well as dominating the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.

He described Saudi Arabia's hostility with Iran as deep-rooted and noted that the Wahhabis and Al-Saud had the greatest animosity with the Shias since the government was formed.


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