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Qazvin's Avan Lake: Beauty of nature
Qazvin'sAvan Lake

Qazvin, IRNA –The beautiful and eye-catching lake of Avan, located in a vast valley in Alamut Mountain at an altitude of 1800 meters above the sea and 88 kilometers from the capital of Qazvin province, is a huge and important natural tourist attraction in Iran.

Located 88  kilometers far from Qazvin, in a mountainous area, Qazvin's Avan Lake has a spectacular view of nature lovers at an altitude of 1800  meters due to its special location,  If we look at this lake from above, we see in the middle of the lake in the middle of the vegetation and around the mountains we notice the mountains.

Avan Lake is one of the natural lakes of Iran which is famous for its spectacular scenery,  A convenient road to the lake and facilities on the fringes of the lake have provided the perfect recreation for families, The campground is another feature of Avan Lake that attracts nature enthusiasts to nature.

At the very first glance, you will be fascinated by Avan Lake, fascinated by the seven-color lake that holds both the sky and the tall trees and mountains around it.

Qazvin Avan Lake, as if hiding itself in the mountains. To reach the foresight you have to take a road that first takes you up to the sky and then up to the "Khoshchal" Mountains, Alamaout Avan Lake can be described as a vibrant art display featuring seasons one by one with endless beauty, from the lush spring with the sound of its birds, to the warm summer sunshine, the seven-color autumn and winter that It covers all white.

These days, Avan Lake, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Qazvin in the Alamout area, hosts travelers and tourists who bring themselves here for hours of warm summer.

Qazvin Avan Lake is a great place for camping, photography, bird watching, hiking, fishing and boating. Swimming and hunting are forbidden.

Swimming with sludge, sediment, and waterborne plants can be extremely dangerous and irrational.

The high mountains that surround Avan Lake can provide a good opportunity  for hiking, As you climb these mountains you can see the beauty of the lake from a height.

If the weather is cold enough in winter, the lake surface freezes and becomes a great place to experience ice skating in addition to displaying a fresh look.


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