Trump's tweet on Syria, very naive: Pak analyst

Islamabad, April 12, IRNA - A senior Pakistani analyst terms US President Trump’s tweets about Syria very naive, adding that it would further complicate the situation of the Arab state.

In an interview with IRNA, former Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan, Rustam Shah Mohmand said this is a very dangerous development.

“That was a reckless statement by President Trump,” he said.

The expert on international affairs noted warning to use missile against Syria is actually inviting the other party to a confrontation which has all the potential of escalating and expanding, so that was a very naive comment by the American President.

He went on to say that the Russian and Syrian governments have been denying that they have used the chemical weapons.

The analyst added that the situation in Syria is out of control of the UN and other countries in the region and they are not in a position to turn the tide now.

“The situation is very very complex and complicated in Syria and the only beneficiary of the whole catastrophe is Zionist Regime, and this is very tragic and unfortunate,” he viewed.

Rustam Shah Mohmand said one of the objectives of Trump is to sell more and more weapons in the region by creating instability in the area.

“By jumping into the arena and using power recklessly and accusing others of the use of chemical weapons, the US is only complicating the issue,” he noted.

Mohmand said that international community is not playing its due role for bringing peace in Syria.


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