Dec 13, 2015, 7:57 PM
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Delbar and Koshki endangered guests of Tehran

Tehran, Dec 13, IRNA – Koshki, the eight-year-old male cheetah, and Delbar, the four-year-old female one, have been kept in a preserved area in Pardisan Park since last February.

Koshki and Delbar have been kept in persevered areas since they were about four months old when it was not possible to let them be on their own in the nature, Director of the Asiatic cheetah project Homan Jokar, said.
Formerly cheetahs were common throughout Asia and Africa but after World War II, by the advent of cars, motorcycles, and guns the population started to shrink and now it is estimated that only 50 to 100 cheetahs live just in Iran, reported.
The 1.5 hectare-preserved area which is designed for the cheetahs in Pardisan Park, northwestern Tehran, has some distinguishing characteristics unique to the lifestyle of these animals in the nature. The first sector of the site is now occupied by Delbar and Koshki and the second one will be used in case they reproduce.
“We do our best to simulate a life similar to what they have in nature,” Jokar said in an interview with Tehran Times, On the occasion of International Cheetah Day, December 4.