Dec 26, 2014, 3:11 PM
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Iran’s population reaches 80mln strong

Tehran, Dec 26, IRNA – Population of the Iranians residing Iran has increase to 87 million and over 2 million Iranians are living abroad, head of the country’s Registrars Organization Mohammad Nazemi-Aredikani said here Friday.

“With this population the Iranians comprise 1% of the world population, ranking 10th among the Asian and 3rd among the Middle East nations,” he said, addressing the Tehran worshipers in his pre-Friday sermons address.

He said that in each square kilometer of Iran there is average population of 46 people, while in highly populous countries 360 people live in each square kilometer.

Nazemi-Aredikani said that 30% of the Iranians live in villages and 70% of them in cities, 49% of them are men and 51% women, 24% below 15 years old, 35% between 15 and 39, 39% between 30 and 64, and 6% over 60.

He said that 14% of the Iranian families are not interested in having children and 19% of them have only one child.

“These statistics show that the Iranian population is young and in population study literature this is called a golden window, but keeping in mind the current population growth, this situation will not last long and the generation with gorw first middle aged and then old,” he said.