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Iran court hears case on US role in killing of divers by Iraq former Baath regime

Tehran, IRNA – An Iranian court has held its first hearing session on a complaint filed by families of dozens of divers who were martyred in a US-backed battle by the toppled Iraqi Baath regime during the eight-year imposed war on Iran in the 1980s.

The 55th Branch of the Tehran Court of Justice on Monday heard the case related to the lawsuit filed by the families of 42 martyred divers over the US role in the killing of their loved ones during Operation Karbala 4.  

The preemptive operation was launched by Iran on December 24, 1986, to repel further attacks by Iraqi Baath forces and stop their advance on Iranian soil, said Ezzoddin Soleimani, lawyer of the plaintiffs.

The operation required Iranian fighters to cross the border river of Arvand River, but it failed as it had been leaked as a result of US military and logistical support to the Baath regime, he added.

The Iranian divers taking part in Operation Karbala-4 were taken captive by Baath troops who tortured and mistreated them before burying them alive in holes made beforehand, while the divers were thirsty and handcuffed, the lawyer explained.

He said that the US role in countering the Iranian operation was evident due to its vast financial, military and political support to the Baath regime. Therefore, he added, the US has violated international humanitarian law.

The plaintiffs demand the court indict the US so that it compensates for the moral and material damage inflicted on the families of the martyred divers, the lawyer said.


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