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‘Iranians fulfill responsibilities appropriately in relation to system’

Tehran, IRNA - Iran’s Acting President Mohammad Mokhber has said that Iranians have always fulfilled their responsibilities in the best and most appropriate way with regard to the system of the the Islamic Republic.

According to IRNA, Mokhber made the comment on Sunday evening during the meeting of the cabinet, in which, he once again appreciated the informed and insightful participation of the people in the 14th presidential election which has now headed to a runoff. 

The acting president also emphasized the need for continued cooperation of all institutions with the Interior Ministry for the successful holding of the second round of the presidential election, and urged the candidates, their supporters and electoral staff to put ethics at the forefront and refrain from any destructive action or speech.

Mokhber also hailed all those who are involved in the election process, including the Guardian Council, the minister and officials of the Interior Ministry, provincial, municipal and village heads, supervisors, law enforcement, military and security forces, radio and television, officials of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

During the meeting, the interim president touched on a wide range of issues, including mining and trade and emphasized on further strengthening of the industry and measures to increase the optimal exploitation of the country's mines.

Elsewhere in his speech, Mokhber asked all the institutions to take necessary care to prevent any disturbance in the market and prevent any illegal increase in the prices of goods and services with continuous and precise monitoring.


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