May 31, 2024, 1:39 PM
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Iran calls on Swedish media not to trust Zionist claims against Tehran

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s embassy in Sweden has issued a statement which says the Swedish media are expected not to trust anti-Iranian claims by the Zionist regime.

The statement, issued on Friday, urged the Swedish media to mobilize their potential to help stop the Zionist regime's crimes in Palestine.

Referring to the crimes, inhuman behavior, genocide, and horrible and shameful acts of the “child-killing" regime, the statement expressed regret that some media in Sweden have published news against Iran based on fake and unfounded claims by the Zionist media and the intelligence agencies of the regime.  

It stressed that the record of the Zionist intelligence agencies has now become clear to everyone as they make fake news and spread lies to justify their shameful and shocking crimes.


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