May 29, 2024, 8:30 PM
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China needs constructive impartiality in dealing with Iran’s ties with neighbors

Tehran, IRNA – The China-Arab Cooperation Forum is to convene its new meeting in Beijing amid Iran’s expectations from China to avoid adopting biased positions on issues existing in Iran’s relations with its neighbors. 

China will host a meeting of Arab foreign ministers on Thursday after holding several days of bilateral and multilateral meetings with senior officials of Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. 

China and Arab League countries adopted a joint statement at the end of the ninth edition of Forum last year in which wrong positions were declared with regards to the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf as well as about Iran’s nuclear program. 

Although Iran responded properly to that statement and warned the two sides to be more mature in their positions on those issues, it is logically expected from China to avoid repeating the same stances this year and to avoid taking sides on issues existing in Iran’s bilateral relations with its neighbors. 

It is the natural right of a country under the international laws and in normal state of relations with others to reciprocate and to take a firm position against any biased intervention and lack of impartiality by third parties when it comes to its bilateral relations with other countries. 

That comes as friendly relations between Iran and China are now at a comprehensive strategic level as the two countries have expanded their relations in all areas in recent years and firmly believe in a further expansion in the future.


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