Feb 17, 2024, 8:17 PM
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Thousands join pro-Palestine marches in London

Feb 17, 2024, 8:17 PM
News ID: 85389851
Thousands join pro-Palestine marches in London

London-IRNA -- Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in London on Saturday for the nineteenth consecutive week, condemning the Zionist regime’s genocide in Gaza and demanding an immediate ceasefire in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

Participants from various nationalities and religions once again took to the streets of the British capital, calling for justice, an end to apartheid, as well as an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, IRNA’s correspondent in London reported.

They initially descended on the Marble Arch Square in central London and then marched towards the Israeli embassy.

The demonstrators also called for an end to British arms deliveries to the Zionist regime and the expulsion of the regime's ambassador from London.

While carrying Palestinian flags, they held banners with messages such as “Stop the Occupation”, “Free Palestine,” and "Establish a Ceasefire.”

Participants vowed to continue their weekly protests as long as the massacre of the oppressed and defenseless Palestinian people continues in Gaza.

Ben Jamal, the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, told IRNA that Palestinian supporters will gather in front of parliament on Election Day to put pressure on British lawmakers.

He considered the UK general elections, scheduled to be held later this year, as an opportunity to exert pressure on parliament.

“We demand our representatives support the immediate ceasefire proposal, otherwise we will not vote for them,” he noted.


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