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Israel to face strong response if it commits any silly act: Hezbollah MP

Tehran, IRNA – A Hezbollah lawmaker in Lebanon’s parliament has warned that the Israeli regime will have to wait for strong response if it commits any act of silliness amid the ongoing conflict in the region.

Ibrahim Al Moussawi, who is a member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc in the Lebanese parliament, made the remarks on Monday at a mourning ceremony commemorating Hezbollah fighters martyred by Israel in all- Khidr al-Baqa'i village in southern Lebanon, according to Al Ahd news agency. 

Moussawi said that the Israeli enemy should be aware that it is facing a resistance movement and a people who are very powerful and do not retreat in the face of any threat.

Nearly five months into the Gaza war the equation of the ongoing confrontation has changed as Hezbollah has retaliated in kind to any operation the enemy conducted in Lebanon, , he said.

The comments come a few days after reports in some Israeli media outlets showed that the number of missiles fired by Hezbollah toward the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine had reached three times the number of missiles it fired during the 2006 War.

The reports said that Hezbollah has fired 600 missiles at Israeli targets since October 8, 2023.


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