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Crime against environment, human life, another facet of Zionists' war crimes

Tehran, IRNA – As per all independent media, the brutality of the Zionist regime's attacks over the last four months against the Gaza Strip has been unprecedented in various aspects.

The volume and variety of weapons and bombs – often unconventional – used by the Zionists against the Gaza Strip, is equivalent to two nuclear bombs used in Hiroshima, and its destruction power is increasing every day, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said in an op-ed article.

Following the Zionists' criminal actions, many of the urban and service infrastructures of Gaza, such as water pipelines and sewage, power grid, educational facilities, health systems, hospitals, cultural infrastructures, mosques, churches, and historical monuments that had made life in the largest roofless prison possible for the 2,200,000 residents, were seriously or totally damaged.

According to observers and research centers, the damage caused to Gaza is far more and more serious than the damage caused in Dresden in Germany and Rotterdam in the Netherlands during World War II.

These inhumane actions have practically put the past, present, and future of the 2.2 million Palestinians citizens in danger.

Experts believe that the Zionist attacks on environmental and food security have had disastrous effects in Gaza.

Reduction of quality of water and air, waste problems, unusual noise pollution caused by the massive explosions, the constant howl of recon and spy drones, the loss of soil quality of agricultural lands, pastures, gardens, livestock, the spread of diseases, the unavailability of healthcare conditions and facilities, etc. are among the issues that gradually threaten the environmental security of the people besieged in Gaza Strip.

To better understand the depth of the Zionists' crimes during the recent 4-month, it should be noted that during the 22-day war in Gaza, which took place fifteen years ago, about 17% of Palestinian arable land was destroyed.

Over the past four months, the Zionist regime has repeatedly used forbidden bombs, including white phosphorus.

The results of the research done by the prestigious research centers have shown that this chemical substance, which has fatal effects on humans, animals, also destroys the surrounding environment, damages the soil, and pollutes water sources and aquatic ecosystems.


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