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Missile attack on Haifa a clear message to Israel: Iraqi resistance official

Tehran, IRNA – A spokesman for Iraq’s Nujaba Resistance Movement has said that the Sunday missile attack on Israel’s port city of Haifa sent a clear message to the regime and showed that the Resistance Front will never abandon its strategic goals in the region.

Hussain al-Mousavi told Beirut-based Al Mayadeen news network that the regional resistance has clear goals, which are to shake US plans for the region and to ruin the Israeli regime’s efforts in Gaza, IRNA reported on Monday.

It is not the issue of the moment, rather it is the issue of a full system aimed at confronting measures by the United States and the Israeli regime, the Iraqi resistance official said.

He stressed that the resistance is able to manage this war for a long time.

On Sunday night, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance said it had carried out a missile attack at a sensitive site in Haifa Port, located in the north of the Israeli-occupied Palestine.

Iraqi resistance groups also launched drone strikes on two US bases in Iraq and Syria as well as an Israeli base in the occupied Golan Heights on Sunday.

The groups said in a statement that the attacks were part of their resistance efforts against the US military presence in the region, and were also in response to the massacre of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli regime in Gaza.

Resistance groups in the region, from Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen, have been targeting US and Israeli interests ever since the Gaza war broke out on October 7. The groups say their attacks will continue until the war and crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza are completely stopped.  


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