Aug 27, 2021, 12:00 PM
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Pres. Raisi visits Hoor al-Azim Lagoon, inspects Khuzestan water shortage crisis

Ahvaz, IRNA – Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi visited Hoor al-Azim wetland in Khuzestan and inspected the water shortage crisis in the southwestern province on Friday morning.

President Raisi traveled to the southern province on Friday morning just a day after first cabinet meeting of his administration in capital Tehran.
President Raisi, who is visiting Khuzestan in an unannounced program, inspected the existing situation in Hurolazim wetland and the water shortage in the province.
Ayatollah Raisi then flew Jofeir region, 50 kilometers west of Ahvaz, to review the latest developments in the wetland and Karkheh River to get first hand information which could pave the way for making final decisions on how to tackle the problems of the region.

President Raisi pointed to the issue of providing the Iranian people with job opportunities as a pivotal job for the 13th Iranian administration. 

In the inauguration ceremony of water supply projects in Jofeir region in Khuzestan, President Raisi noted that his administration will do its best to resolve the unemployment issue in Khuzestan province and throughout the country.

Two water supply projects in impoverished region of Jofeir in the outskirts of Hovayzeh county in Khuzestan province were launched at the presence of President Raisi.

Khuzestan province has been facing water challenges since the beginning of this Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2021), which led to public protests in the downstream of the Karkheh River.
The new president has started working without any interrupt just following 18 cabinet members were approved by the Iranian Parliament on Wednesday.  
The president, accompanied with four ministers, follows revolutionary moto of fighting corruption and enhancing justice; so, they traveled to Khuzestan to meet the needs of the residents of the southern province.
People in Khuzestan are very hopeful now that they see the new president has started his job with a surprise visit to their province to resolve the woes of the people.
Khuzestan, which had been hit hard during the eight years of sacred defense against the Baathist regime of Iraq, is facing different problems including air pollutants, water shortages, sewage issues and agriculture troubles. 
He paid a visit to Razi Hospital for corona infected patients and talked to ordinary people to ask about their problems.
The president vowed he will do his best to remove shortages especially in health sector in the southern province.
Khuzestan stands among the first provinces in the country in terms of number of infections of the coronavirus, where more than 60 people lose their lives in a daily basis.
Raisi has traveled to the southern province, knowing that Khuzestan is one of the most important provinces in the Islamic country, to make essential decisions on the issues of the region.


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