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Israel dismissing referendum, sticking to war: Academic

Tehran, May 19, IRNA - The Zionist regime, refusing to accept international rights and Palestinians' self-determination, continues its war-mongering policies and massacre of helpless people, a university professor says.

Ehsan Kazemi, a professor with Shahid Chamran University in Ahvaz, told IRNA on Wednesday that the Zionist regime cannot determine the fate of the Palestinians by using bullying tactics.

He wanted the Palestinians to stick to their "legal and ethical fight" with the Zionists until the Israeli's accept the Palestinians right to hold a referendum to decide for their own future.

In a televised speech on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei asked Palestinian resistance fighters to continue their legitimate fight against the occupying regime until the time when it is forced to accept the Palestinians' right to determine their fate.

** Referendum for determining political system of Palestine
The Zionist regime established relationships with certain countries to hinder Palestinians' efforts to have their own state and be able to come back to their homeland. The relationships and Israeli lobbies have forced international bodies and human rights organizations not to show tangible reactions to the regime's crimes against the Palestinian people, Kazemi noted.

Praising the Supreme Leader's initiative for holding referendum in the occupied Palestinian lands, the academic argued that the initiative is in line with international regulations and acceptable by the public opinion of the world and Muslim nations as well. Residents of the Palestinian territories are mostly Muslims; then, the result of a referendum will be the extermination of the fake regime, he added.

** Zionist regime hampering regional security
The professor of political sciences pointed to the recent attacks on the Gaza Strip and Palestinian resistance movement, saying that the regime failed to disarm the freedom-fighters; thus, it resorted to aggressive tactics to diminish the Palestinians' military might. 

However, he warned, the regime is well aware that such measures are doomed to failure, because the Palestinian fighters are entitled to defend their lands and civilians when it comes to Israeli aggression.

On the other hand, the Zionist regime has shown that it is the source of instability in the region, because creating security and military crises as well as expansionism are part of its nature, Kazemi said, stipulating that the regime has occupied parts of Lebanon and Jordan and that the Tel Aviv regime refuses any retreat to internationally recognized borderlines; therefore, if it does not face pressure, it is not clear that what other territories it will usurp in the future.

As long as the Zionist regime exists, it seems unlikely fir the West Asia region to see tranquility, he cautioned, urging international organizations to speak out against the regime's crimes, because silence will be considered as a real blow to the reputation of the international bodies in the eyes of the world public opinion.


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