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IRGC commander: Iran's Islamic revolution destroyed enemies' power equilibrium

Tehran, Sept 20, IRNA - Commander of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami commented on the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran which enticed animosity of the hegemonic powers and said as the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini proved, the US has been capable of doing nothing so far.

In a TV interview late on Saturday, he said that what the late Imam said then is now being utterly testified that the US can do nothing (against Iran).

Referring to the epic the Iranian nation created during eight years of imposed war by Iraq, he said the war years yielded many great stories that were inspired by what happened in the day of Ashura.

He said the animosity of hegemonic powers against Iran was due to the fact that victory of the Islamic revolution in the country put their interests in danger.

The Major General went on to stress that all IRGC members as well as Basij people were ready to sacrifice themselves for the great nation of Iran and will defend the dignity, prosperity, security and peace of the nation to the last drop of their blood.

Commenting on the importance of Iran's rights regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he said Iran was not to be intimated by any bluffs and threats and will do the necessary things if sees its rights in the nuclear deal are violated so the nation should not be concerned to the least as Iran has proven once and again in the past that it is not dependant on any country.

He said the enemies were after intimidating and creating fear in Iranians whereas if the US opts for pulling the trigger, no bullets will certainly come out because America is absolutely isolated in this and Iran, too, will strongly defend itself as this is a matter of politics and the Americans will certainly fail in this arena, too.

The commander stressed that when the US assassinated Iran's great General Soleimani the whole world protested to their actions and noted that the harsh revenge of the Iranian nation is yet to be fulfilled and "this will be materialized only in the form of the annihilation of the hegemonic powers."

 The commander further went on to point to the outstanding and brilliant character of the martyred general Soleiman and outlined his unrivaled role in fortifying the wave of resistance and defeating US, UK and Israeli policies and said his martyrdom indeed injected new life into the body of resistance in a way that youngsters all across the Islamic world are now after revenging his assassination.

The Major General further commented on the normalization deals underway between some Arab states and the Zionist regime and said such moves only add to the hatred of the regional nations towards Israeli regime.

He said the normalization deals which served as part of the election campaign by Donald Trump put ropes around the necks of some arab states in absolute absence of Palestinians.

American society is facing an uprising, and political stability in the United States has been undermined, the commander said.
Talking about the US futile effort to extend arms embargo on Iran, the commander said the US as a superpower has undoubtedly lost its political influence.
Even the Europeans did not follow the US [policies], and this shows that Washington is on way to collapse, he added. 
Referring to Iranian forces' January attack on American airbases in Iraq just few days after US assassination of Lt General Soleimani, the commander said the IRGC proved that it is not afraid of America.
Through such attack in retaliation for assassination of top IRGC commander, the Iranian nation imposed its will on the enemy, Gen Salami said stressing that the Islamic Republic was not after killing anybody.  
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) targeted the US airbases including the Ain al-Assad in western Iraqi province of Anbar just few days after the US Jan 3 assassination of top Iranian commander Gen Soleimani.
American political system should pay for Gen Soleimani's martyrdom because hegemony should be broken, Salami noted.
Meanwhile, killing of several soldiers or an ambassador in a part of the world is not justice, said he stressing that the IRGC will not find a person among the American officials who could be at Gen Soleimani's level.
However, US must know that it will taste tough revenge, he warned.
US officials have been caught in a dilemma, they will be defeated whether they leave the region or stay here, he stated.
When IRGC targeted their airbases in Anbar, it had already prepared thousands of missiles that no power, including the US forces, could resist against them if reacted to the attack, he concluded.


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