Multilateralism, backbone of UN Charter exposed to major challenge with UNGA 75 to convene online

New York, Sept 19, IRNA – The 75th United Nations General Assembly, world's biggest diplomatic event is going to take place online this year when multilateralism, the backbone of the UN charter has been exposed to major challenge and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) posed threat to humanity.

The 75th session of the UN General Assembly, which is due to begin on Tuesday, is focused on multilateralism although the host country still insists on unilateralism.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is likely to address the session online on the opening day with President Hassan Rouhani being expected to deliver his online speech a day later.   

US President Donald Trump had said he would arrive at the UN headquarters for a live speech but he then said he will have an online speech like other world leaders instead of delivering a speech for empty seats of the United Nations.  

Trump used to make use of the chance of the UNGA session speech each year to advance his election campaign while his administration has driven the US to unprecedented isolation.  

He clearly showed in practice that he feels not the least respect for multilateralism but also is hostile towards it and seeks to push forward its unilateral policies in the world.

Since he took power in 2016, the US president has violated the International Law and took hostile approach to existence of nearly 20 international Agreements or international Institutions.

Also in line with his unilateral policies, Trump is likely to raise the case of unilateral sanctions against Iran at the UNGA session to challenge the United Nations Security Council and increase tensions with Iran.  

The UN General Assembly meeting has now become the scene of confrontation between multilateralism and unilateralism, so that the world people have to wait and see whether or not their own leader will stand against US unilateralism to maintain the credibility of the United Nations.

Translated by Ahmad Mohammadi 

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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