S Arabia possesses most destabilizing weapons in region

Tehran, Jan 19, IRNA – Iran’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations Geneva Headquarters Esmail Baqaie Hamane said there on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia is the standard-bearer of making coalitions for war, intruding its neighbors and possessing the most destabilizing weapons in the sensitive Middle East region.

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Hamane said at a UN assembly that the record of Saudi Arabia’s destructive and destabilizing role in the region and the war coalitions it established against its neighboring country that led to massacring millions of civilian people and destroying most of the infrastructure facilities of Yemen has led to broader-scale insecurity and disability of the region.

The Iranian envoy said that therefore, the presence of that country’s UN ambassador as an observing member of the Geneva Peace and Disarmament Conference is quite inappropriate and against the objectives and missions of the United Nations.

Hamane emphasized, “Iran’s move in opposing the entry of the Saudi and UAE ambassadors to the Disarmament Conference is due to Tehran’s concern for preserving this conference’s status as the only international foundation that works in the field of nuclear disarmament.

“Saudi Arabia is also pursuing its highly questionable nuclear program, away from the supervision and monitoring of the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) and can therefore not have a constructive presence in discussions on disarmament, to overshadow its grave mistakes and war crimes in Yemen,” he added.

Due to the unanimous decision making method at UN Geneva Headquarters, Iran’s negative votes for the Saudi and UAE ambassadors as observing members of the 2021 Disarmament Conference led to their failing in achieving that status.


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