Iranians say any move to cause public distrust will fail

Tehran, Feb 11, IRNA – Iranian people attending the Bahman 22 (February 11) rallies, marking the 40th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, announced on Monday that any measure to cause public distrust in the Islamic system will fail.

The statement, issued at the end of the Bahman 22 rallies, announced that economic resilience is the only way to solve economic problems.

It emphasized, 'The media-psychological war and sanctions, aiming to make the public disappointed about the future and prompt them to lose trust in the Islamic establishment, are doomed to failure.'

It underlined double efforts and speedy action on part of government officials to cause vibrancy in the business, authoritatively confront price hike, inflation and unprecedented devaluation of national currency, while solving the problem of public livelihood in light of unity and integrity.

The statement warned the US statesmen that their 'combined and deceitful' media-psychological war and their 'most brutal' economic sanctions, aiming to make people disappointed in the future and cause their distrust in the Islamic establishment, will fail.

It said the signatories to the statement will never succumb to tyranny and inhumane plot of the criminals.

The ralliers renewed allegiance with the aspirations of the Father of the Islamic Revolution and Founder of the Islamic Republic late Imam Khomeini and Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The ralliers said the great and brave Islamic Iranian nation continues to consider the unjust regime of the US as the great idol and manifestation of evil, violence, degradation, tension and war worldwide and asked Iranian officials to take lessons from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) talks and disloyalties of the 'Great Satan' in the past four decades and not to trust its promises, while strongly dealing with foolish demands of the European countries.

Elsewhere, the statement called for strengthening the defensive and missile power as well as the country's strategies of deterrence.

'We consider the need to growingly develop peaceful nuclear activities as a fundamental principle and ask the officials to unconditionally follow the guidelines of the Supreme Leader, powerfully resist the greediness of the Great Satan, the US, the inhumane team of foolish Trump and his allies.'

The statement underlined all-out defense for the world's oppressed, especially the resistance movement, the pious people of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and Palestine against the dirty triangle of evil, terrorism and war-mongering and the efforts of the US, the child killer Zionist regime and al-Saud in causing horror and intimidation.

The ralliers called for efforts to liberate the first Qibla of Muslims, noble Quds, as the religious, revolutionary and human duty.

The ralliers asked the Iranian people to be alert and make presence in all Islamic Revolution scenes and help government solve economic problems, support Iran-made goods and maintain unity and national integrity.

The statement also warned the plotters, the blood soaking MKO outfit, the monarchist traitors of the US, the damned al-Saudi dynasty and Israeli child killing regime that the satanic wish of failing Islamic enemy will not bear fruit.

It asked Iranian officials not to be scared with the vain claims of the US and European rulers and remain faithful to national interests as a religious and legal duty, while considering international treaties and conventions, which are mostly aimed to please the hostile and greedy policies of the big and satanic powers.


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