May 15, 2019, 2:34 PM
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Ferdowsi: Eternal guardian of Persian Language

Tehran, May 15, IRNA – May 15, 2019, is the 1,111th birthday of the world-renowned Iranian poet Ferdowsi, one of the most prominent Persian Language poets.

The day has been named the Day of Ferdowsi and Persian Language in the Iranian calendar.

Literature, especially poetry, is a part of the thousands-years-old Iranian culture and enjoys a lofty place among Iranians. Ergo, outstanding bards, Ferdowsi among them, have emerged from this land and have become honors of the country. Some nicknamed Ferdowsi 'the Persian Homer'.

By creating his masterpiece, the Shahnameh (the Book of King), in 30 years, he took an important step to safeguard the Persian culture and language.

Ferdowsi tried his best to immortalize the Persian culture, history and language and leave an eternal work of literature.

Having more than 60,000 verses, Shahnameh is among the most important epic books in the world. It encompasses myths, legends, and history of Pishdadian, Kayanian, Parthian, Sasanian dynasties.

Abulqasim Firdowsi Tusi, or Ferdowsi was born in Paj village in northwestern Iran which is located in North Khorasan Province of today's Iran in circa 940 A.D. and died in about 1020 A.D.

His grave in Tus was registered as an Iranian national heritage on April 1, 1963. The building has been repeatedly destroyed by historical and natural events and reconstructed again. The presently-standing building was made in early 1930s. There is also a Museum and library adjacent to the building.


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