rose harvest

  • Meymand’s flowers and rosewater

    Photo: Reza Ghaderi

    Meymand’s flowers and rosewater

    Meymand’s unique characteristics in the cultivation of Damask roses and the production of floral waters attract many travelers to this city every year to tour the gardens and buy flowers and floral waters in this season of the year. The ancient event of Golabgiri (making rosewater) in the Meymand district of Firuzabad city of Fars province has been registered in the list of tourism events of the country. Harvesting of Damask roses begins in mid-April and continues until the end of May.

  • Damask rose harvest in northwest Iran

    Damask rose harvest in northwest Iran

    Harvesting Damask rose, known as Gol-e-Mohammadi in Iran, is an annual practice in Ansarood village in the northwestern Province of East Azarbaijan. (IRNA photos/Ali Hamed Haghdoust)

  • Rose harvest festival in southern Iran

    Rose harvest festival in southern Iran

    A large number of tourists visit the city of Meimand in southern Iranian province of Fars each spring to attend a rose harvest festival in the farms of the city. During the festival mothers normally put their young babies in large amount of rose petals as they believe it will prevent seasonal allergies. (Photo by IRNA)/Shiva Attaran