Sar Yazd Castle

  • Sar Yazd Castle (Qal’eh Sar Yazd)

    Sar Yazd Castle (Qal’eh Sar Yazd)

    Sar Yazd Castle (Qal’eh Sar Yazd ) is a historical castle built during Sassanid Dynasty in Sar Yazd village, Mehriz county, Yazd province. The castle has been one of the oldest and largest bank safe-deposit boxes in Iran and the world where cereals, treasure of money, gold and jewelry were kept during invasions. The castle has nested concentric walls with impregnable high towers that is surrounded by a moat . The moat has a width of 6 meters and a depth of 3 to 4 meters. The castle has two doors: One is a main gate and another is a guardian door. The castle has three floors that are made with mud-brick. Sar Yazd Castle was registered in national index by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization under code number 1084 in 1975 Yazd, Oct 13, 2019. IRNA/ Shahla Heidari