Every year, in a period of one week, astronomers from all over the world reconcile people with astronomy through scheduled programs. This year, the Astronomy Week will be held in Iran from May 13 to 19, with the motto “Iranian Astronomy, Solidarity and Interaction”. Astrophotography, the art and science of recording the beauties of the night sky, has always attracted those interested in the science of astronomy and the art of photography in Iran and throughout the world. This branch of photography, which records stars, galaxies, and other celestial phenomena, requires technical knowledge, patience, and meticulous attention. Using advanced equipment and methods, astrophotographers take stunning images of the night sky that are not only artistically admirable, but also scientifically valuable. These images can be used in astronomical and educational studies and help us to better understand the universe.

May 15, 2024, 1:47 PM


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