• Land of History and Culture

    Photo: Mohammad Attaei

    Land of History and Culture

    Cultural heritage week in Iran is slated for May 18-25. Iran is a land full of historical, cultural and natural sites, 26 of which have been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Spring Nature of Kordestan

    Photo: Seyed Mosleh Pirkhezranian

    Spring Nature of Kordestan

    Kordestan province is a mountainous region, which is one of the highest provinces in the country with an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level. The average annual rainfall in the province is 500 mm, and the height difference between the highest and lowest parts of the province is about 2,400 meters. Mount Shahou in the southwest of the province with a height of 3,300 meters is the highest and Alot area in Baneh with a height of about 900 meters is the lowest point of the province.This height difference has led to different climates, and this issue is important from the point of view of tourism, because in terms of climate diversity and the presence of natural and topographical effects, Kordestan province has diverse and valuable attractions. Undoubtedly, Kordestan province has many natural and tourist attractions. which prompts travelers to travel to this beautiful province to watch the rainbow of spring colors in the beautiful season of nature's awakening and enjoy its beauty.

  • Naybandan National Park in photos

    Photo: Erfan Samanfar

    Naybandan National Park in photos

    Located in Tabas City, South Khorasan Province, Naybandan National Park is the largest protected area in Iran. This area of 1 million 422 thousand hectares, which is located deep in the central desert, was put under protection as a national park in 2001. What makes Naybandan stand out is its complete remoteness and being surrounded by desert plains from all sides. Naybandan is a region with the least human presence and the least industrial and agricultural activities, and this has provided relatively pristine natural conditions for the animals living in the national park.

  • Life of birds in Iran

    Life of birds in Iran

    Birdwatchers find the lives of birds fascinating. Approximately 600 bird species have been discovered in Iran. (IRNA photos published on October 29, 2023 /Erfan Samanfar)