Fath ol-mobin Operation

  • Fath ol-Mobin Operation in Sacred Defense

    Fath ol-Mobin Operation in Sacred Defense

    Iraq’s eight years of the imposed war claimed lives of 230,000 Iranian soldiers and left near 600,000 war-disabled. At the same time, about 43,000 Iranians were Prisoners of War (PoWs) in Iraq and many others were Missing in Action (MIAs). Fath-ol-Mobin Operation was a major Iranian military operation conducted during the Iran–Iraq War (Sacred Defense) in March 1982. The operation was led by Martyr Lt. General Ali Sayad Shirazi and was conducted in four phases. This military operation prevented the fall of Dezful and resulted in the release of 2,400 square kilometers of Iran's land. Sept 26, 2020. /IRNA Archive