Feb 28, 1998, 12:01 AM
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heydarieh torbat on damage in bn 310 rls inflict floods caused have floods -- irna 28, .feb ,.prov khorasan heydarieh, torbat city and rural heydarieh's torbat to damage in billion 310 rls hossien mohammad governor provincial the said infrustructure, .saturday here jahan-bakhsh farms, dairy 8,000 dwellings, residential 10,000 that added he been have lands agricultural of hectars 1,0000 and wells 73 also was person one that adding percent, 100 and 60 between damaged .floods the during killed rural of kms 500 destroyed also have floods that said jahan-bakhsh .heydarieh torbat in break water of km one and roads nb/rr end