Feb 27, 1998, 12:01 AM
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again nir and ardebil hits richter on tremor 1.4 a richter the on 1.4 measuring earthquake an - irna 27, .feb ardebil, 05:28:22 at here nir and townships suburbian its and ardebil hit scale .night thursday (time universal hrs 53:19 appoximately) time local geophysic the to affiliated department sesmological tabriz the of epicenter the that said university tehran of department .ardebil of city the of west kilometers 30 nir in was tremor shook scale richter the on 8.3 measuring earthquake another yet after hour one approximately time local 07:54:23 at area same the .earthquake first the four twenty the during occured tremors weak and moderate 24 over .recorded was one first the after hours no ardebil of province the from coming reports the to according however, .properties the on inflicted damages no and lost were lives .fright with struck were area the of people the the in occured scale richter the on measuring earthquake 5.5 a and property the to damage immense caused which 1997 march of month .lives their lost people of number small a dh/dh end