Feb 27, 1998, 12:01 AM
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bangladesh to repatriated refugees chakma of batch last the completed today bangladesh and india -- irna 27, .feb delhi, new north the from refugees chakma 56,000 of repatriation of process hill chittagong in homeland their to tripura of state indian eastern .bangladesh east south in (cht) tracts women men, 195 comprising families, refugee 33 of batch last the the from takumbari from morning today off seen was children, and ,"officials indian senior the by border indo-bangla of side indian .irna informed sources ministry home the chakma, lal upendra leader, refugee chakma the included also it .parliament of member bangladesh former also repatriation of round last the and sixth the described sources the bangladesh and india between deadlock 12-year-old of end the as today .issue refugee the over refugee the down closed also has government indian the this, with .tripura in camps muslim and army bangla of hands the at persecution alleging buddhist, mostly tribals, chakma bangladeshi 56,000 nearly settlers, oil, and gas in rich tract kms .sq 14,200 a cht, in homes their fled .1986 30, april on tripura for the between agreement an of wake the in began repatriation the last 9 march on leaders refuge chakma and government bangladesh .latter the for package economic 20-point a on based year, the of property and life of security for provides package the youths, unemployed the for jobs of reservation people, tribal of restoration etc, houses of construction for assistance financial .refugees repatriated the for amnesty general and lands ms/ma/dh end