Feb 27, 1998, 12:01 AM
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(as) saleh prophet of city ancient mada'en, visits head expediency of council expediency the of chairman --the irna 27, .feb medina, rafsanjani hashemi akbar ayatollah iran, of republic islamic the prophet of city ancient the see to thursday here sightseeing went .mada'en ,(as) saleh the sedidi, abdullah ahmad by received was rafsanjani ayatollah of museum the visited also ayatollah the .region a'ala al' of emir .a'ala al of city the kilometers 400 about situated is mada'en of city historical the of mosque grand holy the where medina of city holy the of west north .located are cemetary baqi and (sawa) mohammad prophet hill a on top the on built was mada'en of city ancient the thamud from (as) saleh prophet that and islam of advent the before .live to used tribe the of tour the during head expediency the accompanied emir the .site historical ancient dh/dh end