Feb 25, 1998, 12:01 AM
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considerably improves ties amman-tehran : times jordan improved have iran with ties jordan's -- irna 25,.feb athens, estrangement of years many after years, two past the in considerably islamic the on war imposed the during iraq with sided jordan when .today times jordan daily english-language the wrote republic, to hassan prince crown of visit the during that noted paper the jordanian two freed iran summit, islamic the attend to tehran .war iran-iraq 1980-1988 the from prisoners only were and 1980s early the in severed were ties diplomatic .1992 in resumed visited airline national iran's from team a month, this earlier .tehran and amman between flights of resumption the discuss to jordan .june in resume to expected are flights the minister, foreign deputy iran's with met hussein king yesterday, delivered who affairs, arab-african for incharge sader, mohammad crisis the on khatami mohammad president iranian from message a .states united the and iraq between abdul minister prime and hassan prince crown with met also sader between relations improve to ways them with discussed and majali salam .countries two the akel antiquities and tourism of minister jordan's meanwhile, to ways it with discussed and delegation iranian an met biltaji .reported times jordan the countries, two the between tourism enhance mohammad akbar by headed delegation, the with meeting the during minister the department, tourism iran's of director the hussein, of tombs the including attractions, touristic jordan's detailed .sites islamic other and mohammad prophet the of companions several visited have tourists iranian 20,000 than more that said hussein .increase will number this that and months four past the in jordan nk/rr end