Feb 24, 1998, 12:01 AM
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areas war-torn on spent billion 6,000 rls the of begining the since -- irna 24, .feb ,.prov khuzestan abadan, has billion 6,000 rls (1989-1994) program development five-year first the said areas, damaged war rebuild and renovate to spent been hossien gholam headquarters rehabilitation country's the of supervisor .monday here abdullahi war-torn country's the of heads the of gathering a at speaking and infrustructure of completion the with that, said abdullahi areas, .normal to back is areas these in life work, rehabilitation earmarked is billion 500 rls of sum a that added further he unfinished of completion and work renovation the of continuation for .(21 march starts) year iranian next the in projects of refugees the of percent 93 than more added, abdullahi far, so .cities their to returned have war iraqi imposed the a and plan comprehensive a that, saying by concluded abdullahi .prepared been has cities 18 of networks sewage for plan nb/jh end