Feb 24, 1998, 12:01 AM
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today moscow for leave to minister foreign leave to is kharazi kamal minister foreign -- irna 24, .feb moscow, .today moscow to visit official 3-day a on tehran in developments latest the discuss to scheduled is kharazi issues, international and regional as well as ties tehran-moscow counterpart russian his with particular in iraq in crisis recent the .primkov yevgeny prime russian meet to also is minister foreign iranian the council, security russia's of secretary chernomyrdin, viktor minister russia-iran the of co-chairman and vice-premier rybkin, ivan and scientific economic, trade, for commission intergovernmental .luzhkov yuri mayor moscow and bulgak, vladimir cooperation, technical that monday irna told safari mehdi moscow, to ambassador iran's recent the in growth favorable a registered have ties tehran-moscow .years promote further to willing are countries two the that added he .cooperation economic and political tehran-moscow circles, western by propaganda biased to contrary cooperation tehran-moscow .peace of promotion towards geared are ties .out pointed he country, any to threat no poses in efforts, peace joint tehran-moscow to referred safari two the between amity of example best the as particular, in tajikistan .nations tehran said ambassador the standoff, .s.iraq-u the to turning of settlement peaceful and diplomatic for called have moscow and adverse on views similar share and outset its since crisis the .force military of use of consequences trade bilateral said he cooperation, economic tehran-moscow on and iranian between line shipping of establishment through surge to is . sea caspian the in ports russian sea caspian the of regime legal the to referred ambassador the on centered talks constructive welcomed has iran that saying said he however, .states littoral the of rights collective protecting .states littoral all of consensus on depend will decision final any agenda the in high be will sea caspian the of regime legal the .ambassador the said primakov, with talks kharazi's of ys/jh end