Feb 23, 1998, 12:01 AM
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status economic iran's on nourbakhsh of republic islamic of general governor -- irna 23, .feb tehran, that monday on here said nourbakhsh mohsen (iricb) bank central iran's the earned 1998 19, february to 1997 21, march from oil of sale the .dlrs at sold was oil of barrel each .billion 335.14 .dlrs country .added he average, on 86.16 that said nourbakhsh reporters foreign and iranian to talking at stood year the of half first the in exports iran's of volume 750.7 .dlrs at stood imports it's of that while billion, 860.9 .dlrs be to balance trade favorable country's the that indicating billion, .billion 1.2 .dlrs at at stood 21 november end the at commitments financial iran's billion 1.14 .dlrs that adding nourbakhsh, said billion, 400.26 .dlrs into transformed be would rest the that and debt net the was .enforced were agreements the once obligation financial the of quarters three first the in imports iran's of volume total general tons 8,889,000 including tons, 18,943,000 surmounted year essential basic tons million 10 about and merchandise of items .commodities 20, january to `97 21, march from exports goods' non-oil iran's goods' industrial of favor in tilting billion, 615.2 .dlrs reached `98 .nourbakhsh continued exports, trillion 544.110 rls the of that say to on went nourbakhsh 21 november of end the at deposits non-governmental iran's in the during savings months eight first the of the were trillion 208.7 offered facilities credit of volume put he .calendar iranian current .trillion 337.58 .rls at be to banks by 438.122 at november in liquidity country's the of volume put he the to compared growth percent five about showed which trillion, .year preceding the over period same the within registered figure trillion 000.6 .rls hit deficit budget government's that said he and sales exchange foreign through tapped be to is which year, this .bonds bank surety contribution percent, three at growth economic country's the putting next unchanged remain would figure the that predicted nourbakhsh .year bg/dh end