Feb 23, 1998, 12:01 AM
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talks greek-egyptian cairo in met mubarak hosni president egyptian - irna 23,.feb athens, exchanged and pangalos theodoros minister foreign greek visiting today the in situation the and crisis iraqi the ties, bilateral on views .east middle the in participated who moussa, amr minister foreign egyptian increase to ways on focused talks the that reporters told meeting, estimated currently is which greece and egypt between trade bilateral .annually million 800 drls at of implementation rapid a see will months coming the that added he the between signed agreements technical and cultural trade, economic, .reported radio cairo countries, two also sunday, egypt to visit official 3-day a began who pangalos, .al-ganzouri kamal minister prime egyptian met utilising on protocol a signed yesterday minister foreign greek the greek city's the with alexandria in community greek the of schools the "great the alexander" the of establishment the for community . university but alexandria, in mainly egypt, in lived community greek large a many expelled nasser abdul president late after dwindled number its .fifties the in country the from greeks nk/rr end