Feb 21, 1998, 12:01 AM
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world muslim of problems solve can coop iran-saudi :rafsanjani council expediency the of chairman -- irna 21, .feb tehran, that stressed saturday here rafsanjani hashemi akbar hojatoleslam the facing problems the of part a solve can cooperation tehran-riyadh .islam of world the at reporters told he arabia, saudi for departure his to prior different in situation critical that airport international mehrabad as palestine and kashmir afghanistan, iraq, including countries muslim related issues and east middle the in process compromise the as well arabian saudi with talks his of aganda the on were opec and oil to .officials trade and technical economic, in cooperation arabia iran-saudi .said he region, the in examplary is particular, in areas during made was arabia saudi to visit the for preparations the in (oic) conference islamic the of organization the of meeting the abdullah prince crown saudi with talks during and pakistan islamabad, .added rafsanjani as-saud, al-aziz abd ibn conference islamabad the of achievements the of one that noted he summit oic eighth the in abdullah prince crown of participation was .tehran in to is visit his of aim the that said rafsanjani hojatoleslam to and medina and mecca in shrines holy the to pilgrimage a pay .islam of world the with acquainted get further be also will fields all in relations tehran-riyadh of promotion .added he officials, countries' two the by reviewed namdar bijan oil of kalantari, eisa agriculture of ministers majlis of number a as well as kamali hussein labor of and zanganeh rafsanjani accompanying are officials senior other some and deputies .arabia saudi to visit ten-day his in fs/rr end