Feb 21, 1998, 12:01 AM
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arabia saudi to off delegation ranking heading rafsanjani hojatoleslam council expediency the of head -- irna 21, .feb tehran, politico-economic high-ranking a heading rafsanjani, hashemi akbar .arabia saudi riyadh, for saturday here left delegation, the of invitation the to response in is visit rafsanjani's .as-saud al-aziz abd ibn abdullah prince crown arabian saudi namdar bijan oil of kalantari, eisa agriculture of ministers majlis of number a as well as kamali hussein labor of and zanganeh are country the of officials senior other some and deputies .arabia saudi to trip ten-day his in rafsanjani accompanying the including islam of world the in developments latest the well as lebanon, and kashmir afghanistan, iraq, in situation critical between talks of agenda the on are oil and opec to related issues as .officials arabian saudi and iranian will cooperation economic and relations tehran-riyadh of promotion .officials countries' two the by discussed also be first by airport mehrabad at off seen was rafsanjani hassan hojatoleslam vice-speaker majlis habibi, hassan vice-president presidential of head and kharrazi kamal minister foreign rowhani, .deputies majlis some and abtahi ali mohammad office fs/rr end