Feb 18, 1998, 12:01 AM
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years 15 in unprecedented mashhad, in snowfall year's this this in snowfall the -- irna 18,.feb ,.prov khorasan mashhad, .winter this years 15 in high record a hit has province northeastern hassan department, meteorological khorasan of general director city the blanketed has snow of cms 49 that wednesday said bayadi, .weeks two past the in .said he week, last mashhad covered snow of desposit mm 109 a torbat-e in registered was precipitation of amount highest the is amount the .days 23 in rain of mm 118 witnessed which heidariyeh .city the in precipitation annual average the of half to equal the of cities various in rainfall year's this of comparison a considerable a demonstrates year last of that with province .said he increase, lowest the registered precipitation, of mm 14 with nahbandan .added he province, the in rainfall of rate ys/rr end