Feb 17, 1998, 12:01 AM
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bishkek tehran, between cooperation of expansion underlines habibi a in habibi hassan vice-president first -- irna 17, .feb tehran, tuesday on here baldeav sati transport of minister kyrgyz with meeting scientific and industrial technical, economic, of expansion underlined .bishkek and tehran between cooperation link air bishkek-mashhad-tehran of inauguration that said habibi .relations bilateral of expansion in effective be can closer have should kyrgyzstan and iran that said he and culture rich with region a in location their of view in relations in security and tranquility peace, guarantee to order in civilization .region the which potential, abundant enjoyed kyrgyzstan and iran that said he bilateral of promotion further to lead would properly, used if .relations on kyrgyzstan and iran of viewpoints the on touching islamic of organization that said habibi issues, international the concerning issues to contribute actively to is (oic) conference taken was effect this to decision a .world muslim the and region .december last tehran in held summit, oic 8th the during to premier kyrgyz of greetings warm the conveyed baldeav friendly very enjoyed kyrgyzstan and iran that said and habibi .relations to significance high attaches country his that said he .iran with relations its of expansion further triumph the on government and nation iranian the congratulating that said baldeav revolution, islamic 1979 the of anniversary would which another, one with cooperate should states regional .region the in countries the all of favor in be undoubtedly bg/rr end