Feb 16, 1998, 12:01 AM
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leader greet to foot on journey a and men 1,000 of group a -- irna 16, .feb ,.prov hormuzgan minab, a on embarked have province hormuzgan in minab of city the from women islamic the of leader the welcome to abbas bandar to foot on journey province the visit to scheduled khamenei, ali ayatollah revolution, .tomorrow the travel will who people 15,000 the to addition in is this welcome to velayat' of 'adorers of caravan bus the in distance 100-km .leader esteemed their southern the to visit leader's the of announcement the following the in prevailed has excitement and joy of atmosphere an province, of walks all from and villages and cities the of people .southland in lights colorful with neighborhoods their decorating are life .visit historic leader's esteemed the for preparation mr/jh end