Feb 14, 1998, 12:01 AM
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tajikistan in arrive afghanistan for supplies relief iran's relief of tons 22 carrying planes two -- irna 14, .feb dushanbe, afghanistan, in quake of survivors the for iran by donated supplies, .afternoon friday here arrived tents, blankets, of tons 11 included which supplies relief the representative the to over handed were equipments heating and clothing be to tajikistan in afghanistan of government islamic the of .afghanistan northeastern the of areas quake-hit the to dispatched for 50,000, dlrs donated earlier tajikistan in embassy iranian the humanitarian carry which helicopters and vehicles for fuel of purchase the of disposal the at put was sum the .afghanistan for assistace .afghanistan of government islamic the of representative the to aid relief its of dispatch continue will iran coming the in tajikistan through afghanistan of areas quake-stricken .days nb/jh end