Feb 13, 1998, 12:01 AM
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relief urgent of need in victims quake afghani 30,000 says wfp supplies rustaq, in staff field programme food world -- irna 13, .feb rome, need desperate in are people 30,000 some that said today afghanistan the in takhar of region earthquake-stricken the in aid relief of .country the of part northern with together assessments on-the-spot conducting is which wfp, relief the said organizations, non-governmental and agencies un other .food and blankets shelter, include needed urgently items stepped has wfp populations, affected the of survival ensure to relief partner of behalf on items non-food and aid food of delivery up yesterday wfp aircraft, unocha passenger small a using .agencies in islamabad from biscuits protein high of kilogrammes 300 airlifted .hajaghar to pakistan faizabad from convoy relief second a dispatched wfp tuesday, on 50 carrying convoy, the .badakshan of province neighbouring the in in arrive to scheduled is rations, food emergency of tons metric from kilometres 315 only is rustaq although .tomorrow over rustaq storms snow severe reach, to days two but takes usually and faizabad of movement the down slowing are conditions road poor very and . trucks emergency of tonnes 20 delivered already has convoy wfp first the .items non-food and biscuits protein high including rations, food the of repair the for arrangements made have area teh in staff wfp .rustaq from kilometres 120 located is which khojaghar, in airstrip making conditions, poor in airstrip the left have storms snow severe .dangerous aircraft of taking-off and landing be will rations food emergency of tonnes 1,500 that estimated wfp needed aid food immediate the all .months three next the over needed however, .pakistan and afghanistan in available is operation the for earthquate-stricken the in strips landing and roads the of conditions .difficult extremely supplies relief of delivery make region kj/hm end