Feb 11, 1998, 12:01 AM
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iran with ties strong seeks greece : minister defence greek tsohazopoulos akis minister defence greece's - irna 11,.feb athens, ties strong already the bolster to desire greece's expressed today .iran of republic islamic the and greece between to want i iran of day national the for here today visit my with" "countries, two our between existing ties historical the underline the at held reception a during correspondent irna's told tsozahopoulos 19th the celebrate to afternoon today residence ambassador's iranian .iran in revolution islamic the of victory the of anniversary and cooperation stability, for looking are we that fact the" our of axis second the is region the of peoples the with friendship undertake quickly would we that optimistic am i and efforts, common greek the "ties, our of development further towards steps important .added minister defence good and congratulations his expressed tsohazopoulos earlier, mehdi ambassador iran's to iran of people and government the to wishes .minister greek the welcomed who khandaqabadi ex-foreign greece's and party "spring political" the of leader the progress wished irna to made statements in samaras, antonis minister, .iran of people the to development and that noted minister, foreign as 1991 in tehran visited who samaras, since other each to close been have greece and iran of peoples the .times ancient for called reception, the at arrive to earliest the of one samaras, .relations greek-iranian of strengthening further of head current and minister transport former haralambos, yiannis the wished parliament, greek the in group friendship greek-iranian the .days better and happiness people iranian iranian the for better be would it year every that wish and hope i" become would countries two our between links the that and people .irna told he "closer, iranians for and greeks us for important, very is cooperation our" .stressed haralambos "whole, a as region the of welfare the for and businessmen, diplomats, foreign officials, greek of number large a military representatives, church journalists, foreign and greek thursday's attended agents tourist and airline bankers, , attaches .revolution islamic the of victory the mark to reception michael deputy current and minister ex-foreign greece's mangakis, alexandrer minster foreign ex-alternate papaconstantinou, stelio , foundaton onassis famous internationally the of head the .guests the with mingling observed be could papadimitrou, women of number large a time first the for that noted observers travel and bankers lawyers, teachers, journalists, including invitees, spouse the by greeted were they .reception the at present were agents .ambassador iranian the of included who ladies the after looking and talking observed was she . greece to ambassador russia's attaches military and diplomats d'affaires, charge or ambassadors the egypt, turkey, canada, pakistan, india, china, russia, from republic, czech libya, indonesia, ukraine, romania, croatia, vatican, cuba, macedonia, lebanon, kuwait, bulgaria, armenia, slovakia, iraq, germany, luxembourg, yugoslavia, palestine, syria, , arabia, saudi , sweden hungary, england, italy, ireland, finalnd, switzerland, .presence their with occasion the graced georgia albania, mexico of suburbs athenian the and piraeus, of city port the of mayors the press foreign the of president the psyhchio, palaio and filothei ministry foreign greek the from officials and greece in association .guests the among spotted be also could nk/dh end