Feb 10, 1998, 12:01 AM
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quake afghan of victims to supplies emergency delivers convoy wfp emergency and food delivered convoy wfp a -- irna 10, february rome, takhar of region earthquake-stricken the in victims to today supplies .afghanistan northern in from morning sunday departed which convoy, four-truck the other and food wfp of tons metric 5.19 carried afghanistan, faizabad, stoves cooking and tents blanckets, medicines, as such items non-food .agencies relief partner of behalf on the road, montainous rugged of kilometers 120 the travelling after begin to afternoon monday rustaq of city the reached convoy .region stricken the to supplies non-food mostly distributing as such items emergency provide to is now right priority our" for representative deputy wfp said "shelter, temporary and medicines out, run to begin supplies food once but" .guindi el tarek afghanistan ".prepared be will we .tons 1,200 to amount faizabad in levels stock food wfp current 15,000 feed to needed be may tonnes 300 of total a that are estimates .month one for people included also which convoy, the on travelled who members staff wfp merlin (ngo) organization non-governmental the from representatives ,(unocha) affairs humanitarian of co-ordination of office un the uk, destruction widespread reported ,(who) organization helath world and .region the in 320 found we where khoja-khaireb of village the in stopped we" nearly has town the" .said member staff field wfp a "dead, from also but quake the of destruction the from only not disappeared, ".landslides resulting the neighbouring from flew team wfp a departure, convoy's the to prior team assessment second a .areas affected the survey to tajikistan authorities local with meet to tuesday on region the to fly to expects currently rain and fog clouds, dense .damage the assess further to and .travel aircraft hamper our and situation the evaluate to continue we that vital is it" before hours 24 another be will it" .said guindi el "efforts, relief ".needs food region's the understand will we agency front-line nations' united the is programme food world the fed workers relief its year, last .hunger global against fight the in .refugees world's the half including people, million 45 than more the around countries 84 in operates wfo rome, in headquartered .world kh/rr end