Feb 10, 1998, 12:01 AM
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areas afghan quake-hit to supplies relief rushes .n.u delivered (wfp) programme food world the -- irna 10, .feb tehran, earthquake-stricken the in victims to food and supplies emergency by issued release press a afghanistan, northern in takhar of region .tuesday on reported here center information .n.u the as well as food wfp of tons 5.19 carried convoy four-truck the .added it stoves, cooking and tents blankets, medicines, as such items emergency provide to is now right priority ''our representative deputy wfp's said shelter,'' temporary and medicine .guindi el tarek afghanistan, for through issued statement a to referred further release press the at sorrow expressing spokesman annan's kofi general secretary .n.u the earthquake the by caused life of loss large the and devastation the .week last afghanistan northern struck which aftershocks its and fs/ns end