Feb 9, 1998, 12:01 AM
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hours 24 next for condition weather weather announced monday bureau weather the -- irna 9, .feb tehran, :follows as hours 24 next the for condition wind and rain snow, probable with cloudy to cloudy half :-tehran some in wind and rain snow, with cloudy :coasts sea -caspian parts half parts some in fog, and snow with cloudy :parts -northwestern wind with cloudy with cloudy parts some in wind, with cloudy half :areas -western snow and rain snow lightning, and wind rain, with cloudy :parts -southwestern parts some in wind and cloudy to cloudy half :areas -central wind and snow rain, with cloudy :parts -northeastern wind with cloudy half to partly :areas -southeastern celsius degrees 13 reach will tehran of temperature maximum the .tonight three be to expected is minimum the while today, degrees 28 of temperature maximum a with iran, eastern in tabas, of minimum a with country, the of northwest in meshkin-shahr, and the in respectively, cities, coldest and warmest the were 16, minus .hours 24 past fs/jh end