Feb 8, 1998, 12:01 AM
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afghanistan northeast jolt earthquakes new rocked earthquakes strong rather two -- irna 8, .feb sharif, mazar-i early and night saturday afghanistan northeast in province takhar .morning sunday in official an quoted front islamic united the to close source a city capital provincial the from km 60 region, rastagh quake-hit the morning this occured which earthquake strong the that taleghan, of .villages of number a destroyed of commander senior and minister defence to close source, the of number the put masoud, shah ahmad front islamic united the .4,100 at victims earthquake operations relief hampered has facilities of lack that said is it help to rushing are people local only and areas quake-stricken the in assistance, relief for need urgent an is there however, .victims the .medicine especially an in living are people homeless of thousands that say reports rescue to possiblity little is there that and condition unpleasant .injured the ns/rr end