Feb 7, 1998, 12:01 AM
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.afghanistan to requested had khatami, president to message a in rabbani, earlier, in quake the of survivors to supplies relief immediate send to iran .afghanistan northeast of capital provisional the sharif, mazar-i to ambassador iran's a said hadadi, gholamreza afghanistan, of government islamic the city, the in stationed society, crescent red iran's of team relief .areas hit quake the to dispatched be to ready is medicine, comprising aids relief iran's that irna told hadadi the to dispatched be will teams medical and foodstuff blanket, .opportunity first the at region due areas hit quake the reach to failed far so have teams relief war the of result a as province takhar to leading roads of closure to of west km 18 taliban, the and front islamic united the between .takhar of capital provincial taleqan, roads, proper and airports of lack takhar, in rainfalls recent taliban the by region the of bombardment repeated and war continued .operations relief hampering all are taliban and rainfalls heavy to due but field air an has taleqan .area the to supplies relief airlift to impossible is it threats, mourning national a as saturday declared has president afghan the .afghanistan in day mohammad party movement islamic the for spokesman meanwhile quake the of survivors with sympathy expressing modaressi taher .taliban of acts inhuman the condemned afghanistan, northern in people while that saturday irna told he ones, beloved their of loss mourning are province, takhar in specially thus areas residential bombard to continue fighter-bombers taliban .region the to aids relief of dispatch halting organization rights human international the ,.n.u the on called he decisive a adopt to conference islamic the of organization the and .actions taliban's towards stance ys/jh end